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I have always known that these porn stars have no morals or ethics or something but this is too much. This industry is tough. Andrew Stark seems like a nice guy but I doubt very much he is heterosexual. I think these gay for pay guys are just fulfilling a stupid fantasy some gay men have dreaming about having sex with a straight guy. If you are going to take a dick up your ass, suck cock, and get sucked I am sorry you are not straight.

Also, to do this constantly whether on camera or not must mean you are interested in it. It also must mean there must be some form of sexual attraction to other men.

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I once watched a Randy Blue interview and Andrew said something along the lines of being open minded. Run-on sentences all over the place. Or he could be lying. Yes, I have a girlfriend but I also have a boyfriend. Or more of a boytoy. And, yes, he is ok with being my toy and, yes, they know about eachother. And are ok with it.

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Nothing better then a candle lit apartment, soft music, self-prepped meal, and the sound of my own vids playing in the backround. So romantic… http: Very open and I can thank the industry for that. I had never done anything with a guy until being on camera and, as it turns out, I happen to like a whole lot more then I originally thought.

Even as a child. I remember making out with girls and playing house when I was single digits.

In Donovan Starr: What features do you find most attractive about other men? Would your followers be surprised by your preference?

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Andrew Stark: Pretty much a similar version of me…. How attracted to your partner must you be when doing a scene? How much does their personality figure into your attraction to them? I have been very fortunate to work with studios of such high quality that I never have to worry about if my partner will be attractive or not. Nice guy and a nice performer. On his Facebook page he posted that he broke up with his girlfriend and his boyfriend a few months ago.

This is the first time he has been single in 5 years. I see no reason for him to lie about being single. I see the same people who are discriminated against love to discriminate against others. Hey Zach, what dildo is that he is holding up in comparison to his own cock? Have always liked him in videos, but after reading this I love him!

I can move to Denver Andrew…. Sad that your life is so empty you feel it necessary to troll porn blogs. Gay for pay, gay for a day, gay all the way? Tiny closed minds are preoccupied with such tripe. Classic troll behavior, Loki. Wonder what made you so intensely bitter about men willing to experiment with their sexuality. Why do you find it threatening? Andrew is a nice guy, but he lied. He is not single. He has both a girlfriend and a boyfriend. But yes, they do know about each other.

So gay-for-pay AND a liar.

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No, thank you. I thought he cams with his girlfriend? Nor if the guy defines himself as bisexual; as long as they are great performers and very respectful to fans and gay rights— I have no complaints. He is one of the few nice guys in gay porn, very stable and sane! Please stop being a dick to him.

He is very polite to his gay fans, and not egocentric. He is refreshing to have. Unlike some other porn stars… he is very humble and nice.

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And he clearly enjoys what he does. During chat he had his one girlfriend on. And his roommate on cam too confirmed Andrew dates women. I rememer this guy. Did he do gay stuff with his brother or straight stuff? All around hot guy. All right! Great interview! Ruff Ruff!

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Does Andrew Stark 'scort?

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