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I am not a hustler, but rather a conscientious professional with that increasingly rare moral faculty, otherwise known as a conscience, who will never take advantage of anyone.

Hello, I'm Eric Hassan

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(AKA DudeNextDoor)

He consistently rates the highest in terms of professionalism and quality in every respect. Your professionalism, performance, equipment body , attitude, and joie de vie are unrivalled. You certainly have the knack of making me feel special; I'm sure all your clients feel the same way.

I think I told you that our first meeting, almost a year and a half-ago now, was my first time with an escort. It was more than that, it was my first time! I have come to the realization and continually give thanks that I found the best the first time out. His personality is a charm: Above all, he is skillful at his work: Jon Ramsey is all class. He is intelligent and can pass in any situation. I took him to one event where for dinner he sat next to the governor's wife she was captivated by Jon.

I have taken him to family events and he has met most of my friends. He has never embarrassed me. I have complete confidence that he can handle himself in any social situation. If he had a fan club, I would volunteer to be president. If you want a great body with something real behind the facade, Jon is your man. His charisma, good looks, and wonderful smile made me feel at ease and brought me to a comfort level I have never felt before.

He is a beautiful person both inside and outside. I wish I could adequately put it all into words. TonySerranoPStr You are amazing thank you so much!!! And you both love weed!

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